Personal Accident Insurance

This policy covers financial loss that may arise as a result of accident caused by external violent and visible means causing death or disablement by bodily injury. In the case of Comprehensive Personal Accident Insurance, it covers Temporary Total Disablement and Medical Expenses up to fixed limits. Besides, the policy is extended to cover the risk of Trekking, Mountaineering, Expeditions, Rafting, Commercial Flights, etc. But this policy does not cover the chartered flights.

General Claim Procedures
a. Report to the Insurance Company immediately through intimation letter with the following details

i. Policy No and details.
ii. Date/Time/Place/cause of accident,
iii. Carrier/Properties involved in accident,
iv. Estimated loss Amount
v. Location
vi. Contact Person and address (with Tel No)

Personal Accident Claim
In case of any unfortunate claim, you need to:

Provide us written notice with full particulars immediately.
Collect the claim form and submit us giving full details along will all the required documents.
The documents generally required for processing Personal Accident claims are:
a. Claim Form duly completed.
b. Report of the attending doctor.
c. Investigation report like laboratory test, x-ray & reports for confirmation
of injury
d. Medical bill corresponding to doctor prescription where medical extension
is granted.
e. Police Report/Muchulka.
f. Record of Admit and Discharge from the hospital.
g. Salary Statement
h. Attendance Record.
i. Post-Mortem Report. (In case of death due to accident)

In case of Death insured under G.P.A for the overseas worker following documents are required:

a. Death Certificate
b. Post-Mortem report.
c. Citizenship of the deceased.
d. Marriage Certificate (if wife/husband is the legal heir)
e. Relationship Certificate with the legal heir.
f. Police Report.
g. Citizenship of the legal Heir.
h. Copy of the Passport and Visa.
i. Documents related to his/her work at overseas.
j. Report from the concerned Office where the person is employed.
k. Permit issued from the Shrambivag.
l. Airway Bill.

In case of Claim under Personal Accident (Trekkers/Expedition/Raft)

a. Claim Form duly completed.
b. Medical report duly completed by the attending Doctors/Hospital.
c. Attending Doctors/Hospital's prescriptions in original.
d. Original Bills/Cash Memos etc, incurred for medical expenses.
e. Joint Report of Sardar and group leader and/or Expedition team Leader.
f. Death Certificate. (In case of death).
g. Post-Mortem Report.(in case the body is recovered)
h. Certificate from the Ministry of Tourism (Expedition Permission).
i. Liaisons Officers Report.

Siddhartha Insurance Company Ltd. started this policy from 16th April, 2006.
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