Citizen Charter


Citizen’s Charter
Siddhartha Premier Insurance Limited.
Company’s Services All services related to Non-Life Insurance
Laws and Acts
Companies Act 2063,
Insurance Act 2049,
Insurance Rules and Regulations 2049,
And other related Laws and Acts, including rules and regulations circulars issued by Beema Samiti.
Documents required to issue
insurance policy
(Note: For All type of Insurance KYC details
 is required viz Copy of Citizenship/PAN Certificate)
Motor Insurance: Proposal Form, Vehicle Registration Book (Blue Book), Route Permit if required, Renewal notice issued from previous insurance company (if any).
Fire Insurance: Proposal Form, Physical Inspection Report, Construction Completion Certificate, Char killa(if required) & other required documents if any.
PA/GPA: Proposal form, Complete list of persons to be covered along with sum insured for each member, Document reflecting age of the insured.
Health Insurance: Proposal Form and Doctors Report if required,
Cattle and Crops : Proposal form, Technical Report showing area, cost and types of cattle and crops to be insured etc.
Marine Insurance : Proposal Form, Letter of Credit (L/C), Commercial Invoice, Pro-forma Invoice etc.
Contractor’s All Risk : Proposal Form, Contract Document, Bill of Quantity (BOQ)
Travel Medical Insurance: Proposal Form and a Copy of Passport, citizenship certificate.
Other Insurances : As required by the company
Time taken to issue Insurance policy Maximum 30 minutes for simplified policies after submission of all required information and documents .
Amount required for Insurance Policy & Renewal policy The total fee includes fees as declared in Insurance Policy/Tax Invoice, stamp fee and VAT.
Contact Person for Underwriting Mrs. Sajani Poudel, Dy. Manager , Phone: 5705766 Ext: 150, Mobile No: 9851365273
Mrs. Rasala Tandukar, Sr. Assistant , Phone: 5705766 Ext: 124, Mobile No: 9841991197
Mr. Subodh Karmacharya, Sr. Manager , Phone: 5705766 Ext: 105, Mobile No: 9851127873
Renewal Notice Renewal Notice is served before 1 month prior to expiry of Insurance policy.
Contact Person for Renewal Notice Mrs. Prajita Poudel, Jr. Officer, Phone: 5705766 Ext: 123, Mobile: 9842240021
Where to claim Claim Department of the head office or any branch offices.
Important Documents Required for lodging claims.
(Note:The lists of documents are not the exclusive list of documents and documents required depends up on the fact and circumstances of each case and nature of loss or damage as required by claim officails. )
Motor Insurance :
  1. Standard Claim form duly filled up by the Claimant available at Company.
  2. Estimate/quotation of loss (at least 3 copies).
  3. A Valid Copy of Driving License and Registration book.
  4. A Valid copy of Fitness Certificate and Route Permit (In case of Commercial Vehicle).
  5. Original Police Report.
  6. Surveyor’s report consisting of the following.
  • Particulars regarding Vehicle.
  • Particulars regarding Driver of the Vehicle.
  • Particulars regarding Insurance Policy.
  • Particulars regarding Accident.
  • The snapshots of parts and Accessories destroyed.
  1. In case theft claims, claim is expected to be settled within 3 months after collecting following documents other than in exceptional cases.
  • Latest Police Report.
  • Vehicle Registration book withheld for transfer as certified by concerned Department.
  •  Letter of Subrogation.
  • Vehicle Key/Blue Book of the Vehicle.
  • Original Policy.
  1. Following Documents are required in case of Third Party Claim.
  • Concerned Departments(Court/CDO) decision
  • Death Certificate in case third party has died/Post Mortem report.
  • Document establishing relationship or documents establishing legal heir.
  • Prescription of Doctor, bills and receipts in case of third party injury.
  • Hospital Admission and Discharge card, Cash Memo.
  • Medical Bills and Receipts.
  1. Surveyor has to be appointed in case loss to third Party’s property occurs, if required.
  1. Standard Claim form duly filled up as available in the Company.
  2. Detail Estimate of damage/loss.
  3. Original Police Report.
  4. Witness Report.
  5. Bills/Cash memo in case of replacement/repair done with formal Vat paid details if any.
  6. Stock register or Sales Details in case of loss of stock.
  7. Local Authorities/fire brigade/metrological/other department report on occurrence.
  8. The Surveyor report shall include the following.
  • Cause of loss
  • Establishment of liabilities.
  • Loss Assessment
  • Snapshots of property into consideration.
  • Other documents/evidences as circumstances may warrant.
  1. Standard Claim form duly filled up available in the company.
  2. A copy of claim lodged on Railway/Road Carriers/Port Trust along with correspondence exchanged with them and also A/D card received from those parties.
  3. Copy of Final invoice and packing List.
  4. A copy of bill of lading/airway bill/consignment note.
  5. Customs Declaration.
  6. Shortage/damage/non-delivery certificate obtained from the carriers.
  7. Original Policy.
  8. Letter of subrogation.
  9. Original independent Surveyor report.
  10. Photos.
Personal Accident/Group Personal Accident :
  1. Standard Claim form duly filled up as available in the company.
In case of Temporary Disablement/Bodily Injury
  1. Doctor’s Certificate.
  2. Discharge summary sheet if hospitalized.
  3. Record showing Attendance and leave record approved by the employer.
  4. Salary or wages details of the injured.
  5. Prescription of Doctor and Medical Bills.
In case of Permanent Disability /Bodily Injury
  1. Hospital Documents confirming total disability.
In case of Death
  1. Original Police Report.
  2. Post mortem Certificate.
  3. Death Certificate.
  4. Legal proof of relation with the nominee, if any
  1. Standard Claim form duly filled up as available in the Company.
  2. Complete hospital/doctor’s paper.
  3. Discharge Summary Sheet.
  4. Prescription issued by the doctor and Original bills.
  5. Pathology reports, if any.
  6. X-ray Report, CT scan, MRIetc, if any.
  1. Original Policy Document.
  2. Surveyor report should include the following.
  1. Identification of cause of loss.
  2. Estimated value of Loss.
  3. Photos
  4. In case of machinery insurance, it should be ensured whether repair or replacement needs to be done.
  5. The proof as to claim is legitimate.
  6. Police Report, Sarjamin Muchuka, VDC/DDC recommendation, if required.
  7. Metrological report, if required.
Time taken to complete claim process Within 35 days after receiving Surveyor’s report or other related information and documents.
Contact Person for Claim First: Mrs. Amita Tripathi (Phone: 5705766 Ext : 107, Mobile No:                            9841273056) for all Non Motor related claims and Mr. Subodh Karmacharya (Phone: 5705766, Ext: 108, Mobile No: 9851127873) for all Motor related claims.
Second: Mr. Nawaraj Parajuli (Phone 5705766 Ext : 102, Mobile No: 9851365161)
Third: Mr. Deepak Kumar Dhoot (Phone 5705766 Ext : 144, Mobile No: 9851365162)
Share related work Siddhartha Premier Insurance has appointed NMB Capital as Share Registrar; therefore all share related work is done by NMB Capital.
Contact Person for Share related work Mr. Sudarshan Acharya, Phone: 5705766 Ext:143, Mobile No: 9851365276
Quarterly Account Report As supervised by Beema Samiti and Nepal Security Board, Quarterly Account Report is published on National Daily News Paper.
Complain and Grievance Complains and grievances of clients are handled by following person:
  First- Mr. Manoj Dhaurali, Manager
  Second- Mr. Yogesh Krishna Shrestha, Deputy CEO
  Third- Mr. Birendra Bahadur Baidawar Chhetry, CEO

Earthquake claim detail

  • No. of Claim Intimated 1690
  • Amt. of Estimated Claim 917,894,000.00
  • No. of Paid Claim 1690
  • Amt. of Paid Claim 737,724,000.00
  • No. of Adv. Paid 0
  • Amt. of Adv. Paid 0
  • Update on 2019-03-27

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