Siddhartha Insurance Limited & Premier Insurance Co. (Nepal) Limited have merged together and formed new insurance company with name Siddhartha Premier Insurance Limited. Siddhartha Premier Insurance Limited have started joint operation from 1st of March 2023.

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Cashless agreement between Sipradi Trading Pvt Ltd and Siddhartha Insurance Ltd.

The MOU was signed between Sipradi Trading Pvt Ltd and Siddhartha insurance Ltd for the cashless insurance scheme. The MOU was signed in the presence of vice president Mr.Saurav Raj Thapaliya of Sipradi Trading Pvt Ltd and Mr.Birendra Baidawar Chhetry Chief Executive Officer of Siddhartha Insurance Ltd.


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Machinery Breakdown Insurance

The cover applies to any machinery or plant subject to mechanical or electrical stresses/breakdown, defect in casting and material, faulty design, faults at workshop or in erection, bad workmanship, lack of skill, carelessness, shortage of water in boilers, physical explosion, tearing apart on account of  centrifugal force, short-circuit, strom etc.

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30th September, 2023
Siddhartha Premier Insurance Ltd. (SPIL) revolutionizes the Insurance experience

Siddhartha Premier Insurance Ltd. (SPIL) revolutionizes the Insurance experience by Introducing SPIL-DIGI and Digital Claim Tracking and Settlement System for the First Time in Nepal.
The debut of SPIL-DIGI and the Digital Claim Tracking and Settlement System, two cutting-edge digital innovations promise to revolutionize how people engage with insurance services.
SPIL-DIGI: Transforming Insurance Purchases
A key step toward making insurance available to everyone is being taken by newly launched digital insurance purchasing platform, SPIL-DIGI. Anyone may simply obtain general (Non-Life) insurance coverage with SPIL-DIGI while relaxing in their homes or businesses. By eliminating redundant paperwork and providing a smooth experience, our user-friendly platform has been created to make buying insurance easier. For all insurance requirements, SPIL-DIGI offers a one-stop shop, whether it be for automobile insurance, health insurance, travel insurance, or other general insurance plans.
Key features of SPIL-DIGI include:
Convenience: Online insurance policy shopping by customers eliminates the need for them to visit physical branches.
Customization: The portal offers a variety of insurance options, allowing customers to choose policies that best suit their individual requirements.
Transparency: Customers may choose wisely with the assistance of SPIL-DIGI's clear and comprehensive policy information.
Instant Documentation: A quick and easy way to get important insurance information is made possible by the digital generation of policy documents.
E-payment/Online Payment: Insurance premium payments are accepted through digital payment mode featuring fone pay, eSewa, khalti and many more
Digital Claim Tracking and Settlement System
Siddhartha Premier Insurance Ltd. also unveils the Digital Claim Tracking and Settlement System, an advanced platform designed to streamline the insurance claims process. This system empowers policyholders to track their insurance claims in real-time and submit required documents online for swift and efficient claim settlements.
Key features of the Digital Claim Tracking and Settlement System include:
Accessible anytime, Anywhere
Real-Time Claim Tracking
Effortless Document Submission
Quick online claim payment
Enhanced Security and Privacy
Simplified Process
"We are proud to introduce SPIL-DIGI and the Digital Claim Tracking and Settlement System, two solutions that define our commitment to enhance customer experiences" said Mr. Birendra Baidawar Chhetry, CEO of Siddhartha Premier Insurance Ltd., in reference to the launch. These developments are in line with our aim to provide insurance services quickly, ethically, and with a desire to please our respected stakeholders while meeting the changing demands of our customers.

20th July, 2023
Streamlining Claims with Siddhartha Premier Insurance Ltd thru Client Web Portal

Client Portal by Siddhartha Premier Insurance. The web portal is introduced to track claim status in today's fast-paced world, convenience and efficiency are essential in every aspect of our lives, including insurance claims. Siddhartha Premier Insurance Ltd is proud to introduce its Client Portal, a user-friendly platform designed to empower our valued customers. With this innovative solution, policyholders can effortlessly track their claim status, submit necessary documents, and enjoy a hassle-free claim process.  
Accessible Anytime, Anywhere:
With the Client Portal, Siddhartha Premier Insurance Ltd ensures that policyholders have 24/7 access to their claim information. Customers can conveniently log in to the portal using their provided username and login PIN, which is sent to their registered mobile number. This accessibility empowers clients to stay informed about their claim status at their convenience, eliminating the need for frequent phone calls or visits to insurance offices.


Real-Time Claim Tracking:
Gone are the days of uncertainty and waiting for claim updates. The Client Portal enables policyholders to track their claims in real-time. From the moment a claim is submitted, clients can monitor its progress every step of the way. Whether it's an update on claim processing, document verification, or payment status, the portal provides transparency and Trust.
Effortless Document Submission:
Submitting claim-related documents has never been easier. The Client Portal allows policyholders to upload the necessary documents directly through the platform. This eliminates the hassle of physical document submission, reducing paperwork and expediting the claim processing timeline. Customers can simply scan or take photos of the required documents and submit them securely via the portal.

Enhanced Security and Privacy:
Siddhartha Premier Insurance Ltd understands the importance of protecting customer data. The Client Claim Web Portal ensures the highest level of security and privacy for policyholders' information. Robust encryption protocols and advanced security measures are implemented to safeguard sensitive data. Clients can confidently utilize the portal, knowing that their personal and claim-related details are protected.
The Siddhartha Premier Insurance Ltd's Client Portal revolutionizes the way policyholders engage with their claims. By providing 24/7 accessibility, real-time tracking, effortless document submission, enhanced security, and personalized notifications, the  Client Portal ensures a seamless and efficient claims experience. Siddhartha Premier Insurance Ltd continues to prioritize customer satisfaction by leveraging technology to simplify insurance processes and empower its valued clients.
Investing in the Client Portal is a testament to Siddhartha Premier Insurance Ltd.'s commitment to delivering exceptional customer service. By streamlining the claims process, the web portal enhances the overall customer experience, fostering Trust and Security among policy holders. To experience the convenience and efficiency of the Siddhartha Premier Insurance Ltd Client Claim Web Portal, visit our website or contact (Tel: +977-01-5705766, 5707190, 5705447) our customer support team for further assistance. Remember, at Siddhartha Premier Insurance Ltd, we are dedicated to your Trust and Security and providing comprehensive insurance solutions that prioritize your needs.

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Earthquake claim detail

  • No. of Claim Intimated 1690
  • Amt. of Estimated Claim 917,894,000.00
  • No. of Paid Claim 1690
  • Amt. of Paid Claim 737,724,000.00
  • No. of Adv. Paid 0
  • Amt. of Adv. Paid 0
  • Update on 2019-03-27

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Please take International Traveller's Mediclaim Insurance Policy before travelling.


SIDDHARTHA PREMIER INSURANCE LTD. will provide for anywhere in the world with wide coverage of personal accidents, emergency medical expenses and air ambulance, hospital benefit, loss of checked baggage, delay of checked baggage, loss of passport and personal liability, travel delay & hijacking with moderate premium rate.

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